2018 FHL Draft Location and Order

When: October 5th
Time: 7 PM
Location: Piscis Pub in Munhall, PA

Draft Order
1. Pirates
2. Moose
3. Crosby's
4. Bulls

Pirates - Andrew McDonald
Moose - Dick Pilato
Crosby's - John George 
Bulls - Shane Lucas

Franchise Players
Pirates - Zak Campbell
Moose - Nick Siniawski
Crosby's - Ryan Mains 
Bulls - Roy McDonald

2018 FHL Awards

MVP: Roy McDonald - Moose
Defensive Player: Joe Rogers - Pirates
Defensive Forward: Jeff Gardner - Pirates
Rookie of the Year: Ron Moore - Mustangs
Good Guy: Gino Pilato - Moose
Breakthrough Player: Antonio Scheible - Mustangs

Pirates Win FHL Cup!

Pirates defeat Mustangs in 3-0 series sweep to win the 2018 FHL Championship.

Andrew McDonald was named 2018 FHL Finals MVP.