Player Profile: Chris Metzinger

Welcome to another edition of the player profile. This week’s interview we sit down with FHL rookie and the goaltender of the Mustangs Chris Metzinger, thanks for taking the time to talk with us Chris.

Let me start by asking how are you liking the FHL? 
The FHL has been really fun. To be honest, I was not expecting much from the league. I thought it was more of a league that was setup to do something on Saturdays, but when I showed up to the draft, I knew this was going to be more fun than I was expecting. Everything has been fun from the draft to the possibility of trades and now looking forward to the playoffs. I want to give Jim Besterci credit for getting me into the FHL and restarting my goaltending career for the 3rd time.

Being a rookie can be intimidating for anyone but a rookie goaltender has to be even more difficult. Talk about some of the challenges of learning the different players and teams you’ve faced.
Even though I am a rookie in the FHL, I have a ton of goaltending experience. If I can remember correctly, I believe I have been playing close to 20 years. Sean Lyons was really helpful on pointing out the people that I need to be aware of and gave me some advice. My wife thinks that I am crazy, but I like to watch other games since it helps the muscle memory on the player’s style of playing and their shots. I think this helps me to go through the process of learning new players easier and the process is more of natural reaction without thinking about it. 

Your captain Sean Lyons took a gamble on you this season not having seen you play or an in depth scouting report and now many are calling you the steal of the draft, has your play exceeded your own expectations this year and what’s it like playing with Sean in front of you?
I thought Jim Besterci was going to draft me since I played one game with him at Bills Dek Hockey, but when he drafted Joe Neutrelle, it made me nervous. (I’ll never forget that, Jim. lol) I honestly thought I was going to be drafted last and was ecstatic that Sean drafted me 28th. It made me feel like a kid again. I thought I still had it in me to be playing goalie, but I was not sure if I can play at the level to keep my team in every game since I took time off from hockey because I could not find enough people to get a team together. When I play well, my expectations grow and I want to always keep playing better, so currently I have not exceeded my expectations yet. Playing with Sean has been awesome, I can’t speak highly enough about what he does for me in the crease and blocking shots. I have never played with a person like that and it allows me to be more calm than I am normally while playing. 

Currently the Mustangs are in first place but have a big game this weekend against the Moose who are just one game behind in the standings. This will be the 5th and final time the teams play each other in the regular season, the series is tied 2-2 and tied 8-8 in overall wins. How important is this game in terms of confidence for you and the Mustangs and how important is it to be that #1 overall seed heading into playoffs?
Seeding has never really been that important to me. As long as we make the playoffs and we get into a nice rhythm. Anything happens in the playoffs and new heroes are made. Sometimes being the 1st overall seed playing the last seed the team can think it will be easy to win the first round, but I don’t think that will happen if the Mustangs clinch the 1st seed since we have a great group of guys on the team hungry to win the FHL championship. 

Usually in these interviews we ask about a favorite memory whether it be a playoff series or a time at the old Franklin rink but do you have any thing that sticks out from your first season that you will soon not forget?
I will never forget all those times that Sean Lyons has cleared people out of my crease. Another memory I will not forget is stopping Jim Besterci in the shootout and hearing him say nice save after stopping him. 

As always let’s wrap this up with some quick hitters….

Favorite FHL player: Sean Lyons
Toughest player to play against: Joey Faiello
Toughest player to face in shootout: Unknown for now. Need more of a sample
Favorite NHL player: Martin Brodeur
Favorite athlete: Mario Lemieux
Favorite sports teams: Pittsburgh Penguins

About FHL: Franklin Hockey League

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