Player Profile: Dan Drane

Welcome to this week’s player profile interview, we had the honor of sitting down with FHL veteran and current Husky Dan Drane. Dan thank you for taking the time to talk with us today.

Thanks for having me.

Dan you’ve been in the league a long time now, you’ve taken on many different roles playing both forward and defensive positions, had a successful career as a “backup” goaltender, and even took a year off to be a full time referee. What has been your favorite role to play in the league and how much has the league evolved since the days at the old Franklin court? 

Your right, I do feel like I’ve done a bit of everything.  I have to admit that I do enjoy aspects of everything I’ve done, but my 2 favorites have been getting the opportunity to referee FHL games is still enjoyable.  That said, it can be quite frustrating as a referee to deal with the near constant complaining.  I get it, we miss things, and we don’t miss calls on purpose…. Also, I really enjoyed last year as a stand in goalie.  I was far from good, but there was something fun about it.

Although you’ve come close a few times including a very emotional championship series vs. the Crosby’s you’ve never won the FHL cup – the Huskies currently sit at 3rd place but have won 3 of the last 4 games, do you see this team as it stands as a serious contender to win it all this year? Vegas currently has them at a 25% chance to win it all and virtually a guarantee at making the playoffs.

Our team truly is solid.  We have 2 great centers, in Ryan Mains, and Shane Lucas, do everything guys who are constantly in motion and finding themselves in the right places.  Grant is one of the best natural playmakers that I’ve seen in a few years.  His instincts and his quick release shot can be devastating.  Finally, Joey Neutrelle has been on fire over the last several weeks.  He seems to be playing with a confidence that he will not be scored on, it’s easy to play in front of a guy like that.  In short, I like our chances, and I’ll take these guys with me as far as the road leads.

I’m sure over the years you have had some memorable moments in the FHL, any moment in particular that sticks out to you? Maybe a team or player you played with? 

There are so many great memories, that it’s hard to pin down to just one.  All of the physicality at the original dek was fun. Whether it was guys going over the fence behind the goal, or diving headfirst into the building were just exciting to be a part of.  I’ve played with some great players, but probably none more special to me personally than Bill Seaman.  Day in, day out, Bill was probably the best overall defender this league has seen.  And to perform at this age, it was cool to see.  I know that my body won’t let me play into my old age, as he did, but it’s a goal.

A few years back you won the good guy of the year award, your always seen on the bench coaching and talking up your team – is that leadership something that has come with your years of experience and how do you get your voice to be heard on a very vocal Husky team?
I’ve played team sports my whole life, and I appreciate that each person has a role, whether it’s as a top line player, or the 7th defenseman.  I try to be whatever the team needs me to be, I feel like I’ve never said no when a team needed me to do something.  I realize that I’m in the twilight of my career, and as such, I need to take a different role.  I just try to lead by example.  Some guys, you can yell at, some guys you need to reinforce the positives after each shift.  The key to being heard is to know your audience, and most importantly to be specific.  Talk about one thing at a time, and the information becomes digestible.

Final question, this is the final year of your contract you’re on ice game has shown no signs of slowing down, what does the future hold for Dan Drane?

I’ll keep going as long as someone keeps drafting me.  When the game has completely passed me by, I hope that the league will allow me to serve in some capacity, as a Referee, or some other role that is yet to be defined.  I enjoy the competition and whatever it takes for me to stay around the game, I’m willing to do.

Quick Hitters:
Favorite FHL player of all time: Bill Seaman
Favorite FHL team of all time: The Jets, with Zac Campbell, Barca (on skates), and Mark Fetsko (on skates).  They were a force.
Toughest player to play against: Tom Simpson hands down.
Toughest goalie to play against: Dave Kwolek
Favorite NHL Player: Ulf Samuelson
Favorite Sports team: Ohio State Football

Thanks for the opportunity to tell my story, and most importantly, thanks to every person who has been a part of the FHL, you made, and continue to make this a great experience for all of us.  God Bless the FHL.

About FHL: Franklin Hockey League

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