Player Profile: Andrew McDonald

In this week’s player profile we had the privilege to sit down with Pirates captain Andrew “Amac” McDonald, Andy thanks for taking the time in your busy schedule to talk with us.

As always, thanks for having me. 

Let’s jump right in to it, this is your first season back as a captain after being selected first overall in 2014-15 by the Jukes and franchised last season by the Tigers, what if anything did you miss about being a captain? 

The main thing was trading - its always fun making moves to hopefully better your team. Another thing I missed the most was starting the team with me. I get to pick who plays with me, around me, and on my team. Other than that, being a captain is a stressful job - you have to make sure you have a goalie showing up, and enough players to field a team each week. 

The Pirates are off to a slow start this season currently sitting in 3rd place with a 2-4 record and a -9 goal differential, you’ve been overheard telling your players to “keep your phones on” has there been any thought of a shake up or is it something you think can be resolved as the season moves along?

I know the Pirates have the talent to win ballgames. Losing is frustrating. Any time we lose there are thoughts of what would make this trade better. My team knows whats expected of them, and if they don't meet standards, they're gone. They know that. So to answer your question - its up to the players currently on the roster whether or not there will be a shakeup in Pirate City. 

Talk about your team’s offense, if you look at the league leaders in goals, assists, and points it’s almost all Pirates.

We're the best offensive team in the league today, hands down. Some have called us the "Golden State Warriors of the FHL", where we try to outscore teams. The league leaders page on the website doesn't lie. This team has a well mixed group of passers, shooters, and talent. 

The FHL has a few talented family duos in the league such as Tom/TT Simpson, Nick/Zack Siniawski, and Jamie/Mark Zelena to name a few, tell us what it’s like to have your brother Roy on the same team as you. Do your prefer playing against him or together?

I prefer playing against him, because he is a lazy hockey player. I consider coaching him a challenge - sometimes he needs a fire to be lit to motivate him to use his legs. Just ask former Bulls captain, Shane Lucas. He saw it first hand for multiple seasons. Sure, he's a great hockey player and that's shown with 5 goals and 7 assists, but I'll take some of the credit on that - I make him look a lot better than he is, and that's been happening for 26 years now.

It’s hard to believe but the FHL has been around for 11 incredible seasons and you’ve represented many teams along the way, is there a particular memory that stand out to you during this time? 

I was coming down the right wing on what seemed to be a 2 on 2 rush. I look up, see my brother, Roy, stepping up on defense to try to stop me. In stunning fashion, I deke and put the ball between his legs, glide right by him, and go top shelf glove side on the goalie. Probably the best feeling I've had playing hockey. I'd take a dogging and looking good over a win any day of the week, especially on my brother. 

You have had the honor of hoisting the cup one time in your very successful career, how hungry are you for a second one and is there added pressure on you to get another one?

I'd rather win FHL MVP.

Time for some quick hitters:
Favorite FHL player: Andrew McDonald 

Favorite FHL team: I dislike them all. Even my own.

Toughest player to play against: Nick Siniawski

Toughest goalie to play against: Jamie Zelena, its pretty tough to play against a guy knowing he is going to swing his stick at me when I score on him. 

Favorite NHL player: Tom Kuhnhackl

Favorite sports teams: NBA: Kings;
EPL: Tottenham Hotspur;
MLB: Pirates;
NHL: Penguins;
WWE: Enzo and Big Cass

Favorite FHL photographer: Jamie Zelena is the best in the business.

About FHL: Franklin Hockey League

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