Week 5 Box Scores

Huskies def. Pirates 3-0

1st Star: Grant Wolfe 
3 G, 1 A

2nd Star: Joey Neutrelle 
3-0, 1 GA, 2 Shutouts

3rd Star: Sean McKinney 
2 G

Moose def. Mustangs 3-1

1st Star: Jamie Zelena 
3-1, 1 GA, 3 Shutouts, 11 for 13 in shootouts

2nd Star: Chris Metzinger 
1-2, 1 GA, 3 Shutouts, 9 for 13 in shootouts

3rd Star: Adam Cristallini 
1 G, 2 Shootout Goals

FHL Player Profile: Sean Lyons

In this week’s player profile we sat down with Mustangs Captain Sean Lyons. Sean thanks for taking the time to meet with us and congratulations on an awesome start to the 2016-17 FHL season.
Thanks for having me. It’s an honor to be featured in the player profile.

This is your second season as a captain, last year you were able to lead your team to the FHL championship game, take us through that journey and what if anything did you learn that can be useful for your sophomore season as captain. 
It was an incredible journey with ups and downs from the start. I never thought as a rookie captain that I would make it to the FHL championship. The most important thing that I learned was that just because I can make a trade doesn’t mean I should make a trade. 

Now that there are only 4 teams it’s easy to establish rivalries but when asked around the league it is almost unanimous that the Mustangs are “the most hated” in the league, what do you make of that?
That’s the type of team I like to be. I like to play a hard-nosed, fast, never give up style of hockey. The players I drafted fit perfectly into the style I like to play. To get into team’s heads before the game even starts gives us an early advantage each week.

After 4 weeks the Mustangs are in first place with a big game against the 2nd place Moose this week, are you surprised at your team’s early success in such a competitive league?
I thought going into the season I had a very good team that would be competitive each week no matter who we played. With how good every other team is it will be hard to put together winning streaks. We just need to keep playing like we are playing and good things will keep coming. Good luck to the moose this weekend.

The Mustangs have plenty of stars that everyone in the league has come to know, but talk about the one people are not familiar with your goalie Chris Metzinger, who in his first year is quickly establishing himself with his solid play. 
At the draft, I saw a man that looked really eager to play in the FHL. With already having two former FHL championship winning goalies on my roster in Craig Hixon and Bob Pellegrino I thought I would give this kid a chance. I think it is a surprise to the whole league including me to have a rookie goalie come in and be a brick wall like he has. 

In your years at the FHL, what is your favorite memory? Maybe a particular game, series, or team?
My favorite memory would have to be a couple years ago when I was playing for the Moose and we were playing the Jukes in the semi-finals playoffs. The Jukes being the team that traded me away to the Moose at the trade deadline. It’s always a good feeling to beat the team that traded you in route to winning the FHL championship.

Quick Hitters: 
Favorite FHL player: Eric Fetsko
Favorite FHL team: Moose
Toughest player to play against: Nick Siniawski
Toughest goalie to play against: Joe Neutrelle
Favorite NHL Player: Phil Kessel 
Favorite Sports team: Hockey- Penguins  Baseball- Mets Football- Pitt Panthers