2016-17: Week One Results

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The Franklin Hockey League will continue to accept money for their Toy Drive via GoFund Me- Link Here

2016 FHL Toy Drive

The Franklin Hockey League has always taken pride in its philanthropy and generosity, and this year we hope that history continues. In the past, we've made donations to Toys for Tots, Hockey Fights Cancer, the Mario Lemieux Foundation, and the Wounded Warrior Project. This year, we are hoping to raise money and donate again to the Toys for Tots program. If you'd like to donate a new or gently used toy directly, please feel free to stop by the dek hockey rink located behind Steel Valley on East Miller Ave. We will be there this Saturday, December 10, from 10:30-1:30. If you'd like to make a financial donation, you can do so through this GoFundMe page. We'd like to have all the financial donations in by December 12, which will ensure we have time to purchase all the toys needed. 100% of the money raised will go directly to purchasing toys for children in need this Christmas.

2016-17 FHL Rosters

 (C) Sean Lyons
(F) Eric Fetsko
Brian Grise
Jesse Lyons
Jeff Gardner
Bob Pellegrino
Anthony Corsi
Craig Hixon
Chris Metzinger
TT Simpson
Jackson Majernik
Mike Terrick
Brian Phillip
Kenny Sikora
Max Vehec
Joe Lybryer
Cullen McKinney
Jimmy Phillip
Nick Ivaska
Chris Ivaska

(C) Andrew McDonald
(F) Nick Siniawski
Roy McDonald
Buddy Doyle
Matt Ujevich
Joe Rogers
Joey Faiello
Zak Campbell
Ryan Fish
Mark Zelena
Dan Rojtas
Jeff Ries
Matt Toth
Donnie Novak
Tyler Axelson
Angelo Sarraino
Rick Fish
Mark Olsavicky
Mike Brown
Kevin Toomey

(C) Jim Besterci
(F) Ryan Mains
Shane Lucas
Joe Neutrelle
Grant Wolfe
Mike Cullen
Ryan Sabo
Pat Farrel
Ryan Cleary
Tom Edleman
Jacob Pons
Steve Jackson
Dan Drane
Tyler Buckley
Brandon Welsh
Ryan Brenna
Alec Toomey
Sean McKinney
Tyler Novak
Anthony Hurley

(C) Zack Siniawski
(F) Tony Bonacorso
Dick Pilato
Steve Berron
Jamie Zelena
Tom Simpson
Adam Cristallini
Cam Tichon
Jeff Rogers
TJ Hall
Geno Pilato
John George
Anthony Scheible
Alec Italiano
Gabe Phillips
Brandon Paluzzi
Junior Scheible
Bert Miller
Mike Sniegocki
Andrew Davis

2016 FHL Draft Results

FHL Draft Results: 

1 Mustangs   Brian Grise
2 Pirates Roy McDonald
3 Huskies Shane Lucas
4 Moose Dick Pilato
5 Mustangs (from Moose) Jesse Lyons
6 Moose (from Huskies) Steve Barron
7 Pirates Buddy Doyle
8 Moose (from Huskies) Jamie Zelena
9 Moose (from Huskies) Tom Simpson
10 Huskies (from Pirates) Joe Neutrelle
11 Pirates (from Huskies) Matt Ujevich
12 Mustangs (from Moose) Jeff Gardner
13 Pirates (from Huskies) Joe Rogers
14 Huskies Grant Wolfe
15 Pirates Joey Faiello
16 Mustangs Bob Pellegrino
17 Mustangs  Anthony Corsi
18 Huskies (from Pirates) Mike Cullen
19 Huskies Ryan Sabo
20 Moose Adam Cristallini

21 Moose Cam Tichon
22 Huskies Pat Farell
23 Pirates Zak Campbell
24 Mustangs Craig Hixon
25 Moose (from Huskies) Jeff Rogers
26 Pirates Ryan Fish
27 Huskies Ryan Cleary
28 Mustangs (from Moose) Chris Metzinger
29 Moose TJ Hall
30 Huskies Tom Edleman
31 Pirates Mark Zelena
32 Mustangs TT Simpson
33 Mustangs Jackson Majernik
34 Pirates Dan Rojtas
35 Huskies Jacob Pons
36 Moose Geno Pilato
37 Pirates (fromMoose) Jeff Ries
38 Moose (from Pirates) John George
39 Moose (from Pirates) Anthony Scheible
40 Mustangs Mike Terrick

41 Mustangs Brian Phillip
42 Pirates Matt Toth
43 Huskies Steve Jackson
44 Moose Alec Italiano
45 Moose Tyler Axelson
46 Huskies Dan Drane
47 Pirates Donnie Novak
48 Mustangs Kenny Sikora
49 Mustangs Max Vehec
50 Pirates Gabe Phillips
51 Huskies Tyler Buckley
52 Moose Brandon Paluzzi
53 Moose Junior Scheible
54 Huskies Brandon Welsh
55 Pirates Angelo Sarraino
56 Mustangs Joe Lybryer
57 Mustangs Cullen McKinney
58 Pirates Rick Fish
59 Huskies Ryan Brennan
60 Moose Bert Miller

61 Moose Mike Sniegocki
62 Huskies Alec Toomey
63 Pirates Mark Olsavicky
64 Mustangs Jimmy Phillip
65 Mustangs Nick Ivaska
66 Pirates Mike Brown
67 Huskies Sean McKinney
68 Moose Andrew Davis
69 Pirates (fromMoose) Kevin Toomey
70 Huskies (from Pirates) Tyler Novak
71 Huskies Anthony Hurley
72 Mustangs Chris Ivaska

FHL Playoffs - Huskies win FHL Championship

Congrats to Jimmy Besterci and the Huskies! 

2016 and 10th FHL Champions. A 2-0 series win. 
Ryan Mains with the MVP.