Commissioner's Corner - Craig Hixon

Corner: Thanks for stopping by Craig.
Craig: Hey man glad to be here and thanks for having me.

Corner:  What’s life been like on the Tigers this year?  The record isn’t great—but you have a pretty loose team and definitely some upside.
Craig: It has been a season of ups and downs so far. The weeks that we have a full squad I feel like we are the best team in the league. The weeks when we field 4 which seems like every week, is fun for me cause I face a lot of shots but its not fun loosing. I feel as if our record doesn't reflect how good of a team we actually are. I'm going to like going into playoffs as the bottom team. The pressure of victory will be on our opponents and that's a great place to be in. The bye weeks are overrated anyhow. 

Corner:  Despite the record, you’ve played pretty well this year.  Do you feel like you are in your prime? (Or close to it)
Craig; I have to give a lot of credit to our defense. Especially Joe. The man is there week in and week out and wears shots for me and I can't thank him enough. However I feel I'm starting the decline of my prime. My peak was that 2013 season where I was undefeated the entire season including playoffs. My gear on the other hand is on its last leg. If anyone wants to invest in some new gear for a kid I'd appreciate it. 

Corner:  Oh I’m sure Joe and Andy would love to buy you a set.  When you first started playing, we only had 2 goalies for all 6 teams.  Take us back to those days.

Craig: The good ol' days of Franklin hockey. I wish I could go back Ron I tell ya. The days where hitting was encouraged rather than a penalty. The days when my dad would drop me off at 11 and pick me up at 4 cause I was too young to even drive. The days where we would shatter a window and have to delay until the cops came and then they would stick around and watch for awhile. Those were the good days. Being around long enough to see the beginning of the league and how it has evolved, it has come a long way and I am proud to say I was apart of it. 

Corner:  Well said Craig. Those were fast times for sure.  You’ve faced plenty of talented players in your career.  Who is the most difficult to stop?
Craig: There are a few that come to mind. Kanz back in the old days was deadly. Barca, Bono, Kortz all of those top level guys sure had my number back at Franklin. However in the more recent days, Mains has really flexed his pound or two of muscle and has had my number over the last two or so years. 

Corner:  Do you have a favorite season? Team?

Craig: By far my favorite season was the year I won the cup and Finals MVP with that blue team the league use to have. Going into 4 OT's and Campbell burring that breakaway, I believe it was the best final the league has ever had and I'm glad I was able to be a part of it. As favorite teams go I don't have one but I do have a least favorite. That would be the Jets. Forfeiting a playoff game not only made the team dead to the league. They're dead to me. My Jets jersey was burned shortly after getting that text saying we forfeit. 

Corner: LOL.  This will be the 10th FHL cup.  What would winning this one mean?

Craig: There is no better feeling in all of Munhall than to lift that FHL Cup. I have been there before and I would sure love to be back. I feel like this is the year a wildcard teams lifts that cup and the Tigers come out on top. It may also be a Peyton Manning type of year and a good way to go out on top. 

Corner: Thanks for your time Craig.  Good luck the rest of the way.
Craig: Appreciate you having me. All the best to you and the rest of the league. God bless America and God bless the FHL. 

About FHL: Franklin Hockey League

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