Week 9 / Week 10 Results + Trade

Week 9

Moose vs. Huskies

Crosby's vs. Mustangs

Tigers forfeit to Bulls 3-0

Week 10

Tigers Acquire: Dan Drane, Adam Cristallini, Corey Joyce
Bulls Acquire: Jamie Zelena

Note: Trade Deadline is this Friday, 3/25 @ 11:59 PM 

Commissioner's Corner: Buddy Doyle

The Commissioners Corner is an interview segment that provides fans and league members a chance to get to know some of today’s FHL superstars.  After a couple seasons in the dark, the Corner is back as we prepare for the playoffs. 

We’re here with veteran defenseman Buddy Doyle, currently of the Bulls (Hruska Plumbing). Buddy is an FHL lifer with 10 seasons and 1 championship under his belt. He was kind enough to sit down with us this week.
Corner: Hi Bud thanks for the time.  Hope you’re fully recovered from that dogging Monday night out at Murrysville.

Buddy: Well, he has definitely not recovered from that cheap shot you gave him. God only gives us a pair, you know?

Corner: Fair enough. Lets jump right into it… Your Bulls team has been pretty successful so far this season.  And as of Tuesday night you have filled a hole at goaltender via trade with the Tigers for Jamie Zelena.  You must feel pretty confident as we get closer to the spring season?

Buddy: Without a doubt. This is one of the most competitive teams I've ever been a part of and I feel like we are now set perfectly for a strong championship run. Regarding our new goalie... I've always felt that, along with the all-time greats such as Dancin' Rick, Craaaiiig, Kwolek (aka Patrick Reed) and Scooter Meade, Chink belongs in the discussion of elite goaltenders. We are happy to have him.

Corner: Despite filling a need with that trade, do you worry a big deal like that can have an adverse effect on team chemistry?  All three players, specifically Dan Drane, were a big part of that team.

Buddy: You're right - all three of those guys were a big part of the team. Drane really stepped up for us in net this year and helped the team when we needed it most. We are grateful for their contributions and we wish them well. That being said, we all know that we are in the business of winning championships and that we must move forward. I have no worries.

Corner: You’ve been in the league for 10 years now.  That’s a lot of miles.  How are you feeling as an individual player?  You’ve been held without a point all season. (sorry)

Buddy: You know, John, this is my first season in the FHL where my occupation is not full-time student. Life has caught up to me a bit and has really hurt my attendance (and therefore my offensive production). I feel good about my game, though. I'm not as fast or as tough as I used to be, but I believe that I provide leadership on the ice and a reasonable voice to management off of the ice. I think that I've found ways to contribute to the Bulls other than with goals and assists. That being said, last year was my most offensively productive season since we moved to the new rink… so I'm not far removed from that form.  

Corner: I guess time will tell Bud.  Speaking of 10 years, this May will bring the 10th FHL Championship. Talk about the significance of this Cup to you and the longevity of the league in general.

Buddy: It's amazing. Some of the FHL's current players were 6 or 7 years old when this league got started! We are now older than Kanz was when this all began. Are those crazy thoughts?? I sure think so.
This is a significant year. I think most players, especially the older guys, are a bit more hungry for this year's cup. I know that I am. I'd like to say that I won the first and the tenth cups.

Corner: Do you have a most memorable game or series?
Buddy:  Of course, of course. You already know the answer. Championship series during Year 1. Dog days of summer (we would never again have a playoff game during this time of the year). I'm on the ground, almost dead from heat exhaustion (I didn't really have any regard for pace, back in those days). Big Billy Seaman picks me up off the ground and says "Lets Go!" We won it.                                  
Corner: What a time to be alive that was.  Who was your favorite defenseman to play with in your career?  Least favorite?

Buddy: With all due respect to Seaman, I've really enjoyed playing with guys who are position-ally predictable. Guys like Zig, Pander, Package and Mike Cullen have always been fun for me to play with. I know where they'll be and I have free reign to do what I need. On the other hand, guys who play a bit more like me (guys like yourself, John, or guys such as Jeff Rogers) are tougher to play with. It's all about complementing each defenseman's style of play.

Corner:  Yeah I don’t like playing with you either.  In that same area who has been the most difficult player to defend?  There have been some remarkable talents in the league over the years.

Buddy: There have been some incredibly talented people, but I've always found that the toughest guys to play against are the guys who mixed talent and strength. The Siniawskis are talented and strong. People don't think about him this way, but Barca was exceptionally strong. Fish is a strong kid (when he's not sleeping or drinking). But the most difficult player to play against is Kortz. He's incredibly strong on the puck and very talented. It's hard to keep him from circling to the middle of the ice. 

I have to mention Mark Fetzsko, too -- he played like a bat out of hell and was a nightmare to play against. He taught me how to play the game. Hopefully we all learn something from these great players.

Corner:  Well said.  What do you value most about your 10 years as a league member?

Buddy: I value the friendships. I have a very large group of extended friends, thanks in large part to this league. I get to see people (weekly!) that I might not ordinarily get to see. It's been a great source of pride, a great source of fun, and a great source of comradeship. I hope that each player in the FHL feels the same way and continues to feel that way.

Corner: Thanks for the time Buddy. Good luck the rest of the season.

Buddy: Thanks, John -- good luck to you, too. God bless the FHL.