Ladies and Gentleman, the day is here - 2015 FHL Draft is today!

* Draft will begin at approximately 12:00 Noon.

Please check back for updates on draft results, rosters, and official 2015-16 FHL schedule.

Link to LIVE DRAFT RESULTS: FHL Draft Results

Gates wins 2015 Hockey Fights Cancer Charity Tournament

Thank you to everyone who participated and contributed this past Saturday. And congrats to Gates on another title. Here are some important dates coming up..


 2015-16 FHL Season - Information

Draft Day: Saturday, December 5th
Time: Noon
 Location: Captain's / Franchises only - Commissioner George's house.

1. Mustangs - (C) Sean Lyons, (F) EriC Fetsko
2. Huskies - (C) Jim Besterci, (F) Mark Weber
3. Crosbys - (C) John George, (F) Tony Bonacorso
4. Tigers - (C) Joe Rogers (F) Andrew McDonald
5. Moose - (C) Zack Siniawski, (F) Jason Kortz
6. Bulls - (C) Shane Lucas, (F) Roy McDonald

Week 1: Saturday, December 26th 
* Annual Toy Drive will be this day. 

11:00 - Tigers vs. Bulls
12:30 - Moose vs. Huskies
2:00 - Mustangs vs. Crosbys

* $20 league fee
Stay tuned for more info.

FHL Playoff Results

1) Jukes - Bye
2)  Huskies - Bye
3) Bulls vs. 6) Jets - Saturday at 11:00 AM
4) Crosbys vs. 5) Moose - Sunday at 12:00 PM

 Moose DEFEAT Crosbys

 Bulls DEFEAT Jets via Forfeit.


 Moose defeat Jukes

 Huskies Defeat Bulls

 MOOSE def. Huskies

2014-15 FHL Champions

FHL Playoffs Preview

Here are the final standings and playoff matchups:
1) Jukes - Bye
2)  Huskies - Bye

3) Bulls vs. 6) Jets - Saturday at 11:00 AM
4) Crosbys vs. 5) Moose - Sunday at 12:00 PM 

*each game will be a five game series of 13 minute games.

Next weekend will start the 2nd round of the playoffs, which will consist of a 3 game series of 15-3 minute periods.


Here is the FHL Playoffs Preview by Jim Besterci

Wildcard weekend starts Saturday at 11:00 with two teams that are on two very different streaks, the #3 Bulls who have won 5 of their last 6 games vs. the last place Jets that started their season 4-0 looking like the favorites to hoist the cup again, but since has gone 2-9 over the past 11 weeks and have had a hard time fielding a team. Signs of frustration have been seen from Jets players including Ryan Sabo who came over midway through the season “Hopefully a little more heart is shown with more guys coming.” Sabo said although he realizes if the Jets do get a full squad to show they would be a very tough out “my goal is to win a title and I think we can with this core, I’m excited about the opportunity with a great organization.” Jets will rely heavily on Sabo and other offensive threats such as Zak Campbell, Ryan Fish, and Jeff Gardner as well as a solid performance from one of FHL’s best goaltenders Craig Hixon if they plan on beating a Bulls team that has been feeding off the leadership of Captain Shane Lucas whose entire season was almost lost after a freak injury in week 3 which landed Lucas with a broken orbital bone and could have sidelined him indefinitely “This season has been up and down for me from a production perspective also battling the eye injury, with that said on draft day I was confident in the team I drafted beginning to end. I looked for experience and character guys, when I went down we were struggling in the standings but our team came together and won a few games. I was able to come back in the lineup with some momentum the guys built and we finished season on a strong note. I wouldn’t’ want to share the cup with another team besides these Bulls of 14-15” stated Lucas. Other players to watch for include Roy McDonald who has had another MVP type season leading the team in every offensive category this season, Jared Ruffing who put up a career high 9 goals and of course two of the league’s best defensemen Jason Tatrai and Ryan Perhac. The Bulls won 2 of their 3 games vs. the Jets including a decisive victory in week 15, the winner of this game will face off against the #2 Huskies in the semifinals.

The second wild card game of the weekend will take place Sunday at noon and will have the #4 Crosby’s who won 2 of their 3 games vs. the #5 Moose. This series gives us two teams that enter the playoffs with a 7-8 record looking to advance to the final four and take on the #1 overall Jukes. This year’s Crosby team has a solid mix of youth and veteran leadership, young emerging FHL starts such as Nate Buettner who has been white hot since being acquired at the trade deadline scoring 7 goals and Clay Cappola who has shouldered most of the goaltending responsibilities this season will be looked at to help lead the way, when asked about his rookie goalie Captain John George had this to offer “The kids been huge for us. It’s crazy to think that when this league started he was just entering kindergarten. He’s not intimidated by anyone in the league though and he thrives in the spotlight. Fundamentally he’s as solid as any goalie in the league and he’s only going to get stronger and faster with time. I’m confident that the Crosby’s are the best team in the postseason tournament and I wouldn’t feel that way if it wasn’t for the way Clay has played for us this year.” Veteran Drew Hruska with 19 goals led the FHL this season scoring nearly 40% of his teams goals will look to continue against another 1st year goaltender Bob Pelligrino who took over as the starter mid-way through the season and put up solid numbers ever since. Moose Captain Zack Siniawski is also very confident in his rookie goalie stated “they guy just wants to do whatever he can for his team.” The Moose have formed a solid team in front of Bob starting with a shutdown defensive core consisting of the Lyons brothers and RJ Pilato who make it extremely tough for opponents to get shots through and explosive offensive talent with FHL veterans like Siniawski, Grise, Hanna, and Kortz who is finally healthy after missing the majority of the season. Two very similar teams in terms of wins/losses, goals scored/against, and winning percentage that can no doubt go on to have a deep playoff run must first battle each other to see who goes on and who goes home.

Week 10 Results